Tuesday, June 1, 2010 | By: Nur Arthirah Raden

Falling while Waiting

I stare at the mirror,
And all i see is horror,
I feel so ashamed,
I've got none to blame...

Picked these razor blades,
Ran it down on my legs,
I tried to fix my gown,
As blood flows down...

Rugged scars on my face,
Broken skins I could'nt place,
Sweats and blood covered me,
Tears burnt and i could'nt see...

Now my shell is broken,
See me fall and weaken,
Suffer from this heartache,
Drown me in the lake...

Does it even matter,
When my soul shatters,
Does anyone even care,
When I'm already dead...

I've been waiting for someone,
Come save my soul long gone,
One who will complete me,
My other half, my lifemate to be...