Friday, May 28, 2010 | By: Nur Arthirah Raden

Hear you me

Right in the middle of a forest,
Lay down on a bed of roses,
Feel the night engulfing your heart,
Mind and body till you cant tell them apart.

Open your eyes and share the amazement,
Glittering stars and the moon's crescent,
Hear the voices of the forest and night,
It sings and whispers the awaiting delight.

Hear you me my friend,
Just give me your pretty hand,
And I'll bring you to this world,
Full of jewels, diamonds and pearls.

Let it go and soar up high,
Spread your wings and learn to fly,
Forget those pasts that hurt you,
For I am here for you.

I welcome you with arms wide open,
To my world, my sanctuary, my haven,
Filled with love, empathy, and joy,
Away from hate, evil, and ploy.

I heart you my beloved friends.

I shall always be there for you.


Alesana - Early Mourning
This is one of my favourite song from them...

Sooooo, since it's the holidays...
And i don't have anything else to do,
I tried to play the piano parts of the song.
I've searced in the internet for the music sheets,
though i found none...
Sooooo, I tried playing it by ear...
Of course with some guides from the guitar chords that Che gave me,
it's much easier for me to finish the song...

So now, its done! It took me two days to finish it...
LOL... Though its x daaaat gud...

Here's the link if you wanted to listen to it.

I've made it with lyrics so you guys can sing along with it... ^_^

1. Im x a pro.
2. Played it by ear so no music sheets.
3. Actually the beginning starts like in a rush... LOL...


Hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed playing it! ^_^


She trusts your care,
Like breathing air,
Should have been there,
But you're gone somewhere...

The truths unspoken,
And lies has deepened,
Her heart is broken,
So lost and frightened...

Back off back off,
You're the criminal,
You're such a show off show off,
Are you an animal?

Stand up straight,
Feel the weight,
Hold that guilt,
That you've built...
Saturday, May 15, 2010 | By: Nur Arthirah Raden

For You To Notice

Everything in me is a mess,
Turning into tears on my face.
I couldn't contain the sadness well,
You looked away as i fell...

You hold me like you need me,
But it was lust that you feel.
It was love before then,
Now its just sex and pure sins...

I longed to be hold and loved,
Cherished and cared like a dove,
I longed to love and give,
bring light to u so we may live....

But you broke my heart and dreams,
Shattered hopes and lonely dreams,
These walls around my heart that you built,
Now its broken but you feel no guilt...

I hold you close tenderly,
Looking into your eyes lovingly,
I faked a smile and hide my feelings,
Hoping you wont notice inside I'm crying...

Again and again my heart is a mess,
Couldn't stop myself feeling so distress,
Even if you try so hard to mend it,
Its hopeless, even doctors couldn't help it...