Wednesday, August 25, 2010 | By: Nur Arthirah Raden
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Hi there!

Im currently drying my wet hair because Im going to rebond my front hair@bangs as what others call it. I used a freaking D-I-Y Wella Hair Straightener cream, which you can buy it at any drug store available over the counter. I've bought it at Guardian, my favourite drugstore. It costs around RM20. Yup, its cheap, affordable and available. Though the quality varies for different hair types. Bad thing about it is that it stinks. Hell its like burning my own eyes. Phew~

Suddenly I remembered my long hair. Huhu how I miss you so much, HAIR! Its so sad that I cut my hair because I was going crazy. Fuck You! Owh well, life's just bullshit. Damn. Shit. Haha. I love cursing.
Man Im so bored of waiting my hair dry. Fuuufuuu... Dry hair dry~ 6 more minutes and its done. Im so bored alone. I think I could die of boredom! Que!! Why did you leave me alone here... Ngeee... Come back home...
mmm...I was thinking of cutting my bangs short. O.o I wonder how I'll look. Bet its fucking ugly.
Owh well... We'll just have to wait for the results! Wish me luck wif my HAIR!

Bubye for now cause Que is back home~~!!
And we're going to IP to buy food for Sungkai~~
Saturday, August 21, 2010 | By: Nur Arthirah Raden

The Chronicles of MOMO, BOBO and BITCH?

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Bobo who fell in

love with this girl Momo. Bobo made plans and got together

with Momo. Both were very happy together since both were

their first love. They spent a lot of time together and were

very happy. *WERE happy*

3 years later...
Bobo felt so comfy with his position and thought Momo will

always be his. So, he got bored. One day, Bobo met a new

girl, named Bitch. At first they started as friends. Then they

became close friends. Like REAL close. Bobo was very happy

with her. Bobo always spent time with her in class and who

knows when they always met. I never knew.

Bitch was actually a bitch. Thats why i named her that. She

plays with poor little boys' hearts and breaks them apart. This

time, she stole Momo's love.

Then, Momo felt something odd with Bobo as if he changed.

He got bored of meeting Momo. He hated Momo's childish

acts and love. He got irritated with Momo everytime she

played with him. But Momo ignored it all. She pretended that it

was just nothing at all. She hides her hurt everytime Bobo

raised his voice with her. She faked a smile everytime Bobo

said he's tired of meeting her. Days passed on and Momo was

becoming a good actor in pretending to be OWKAY.

Until one unfortunate day, Momo found pictures of Bobo and

Bitch together. Momo tried to calm down and CALMLY asked

Bobo to explain the picture. Bobo didn't say anything and he

was getting nervous. Momo cried and forced him to explain.

"That girl is my friend's girlfriend" said Bobo. "But why is she

right next to you in that bed?" Momo asked. "Aaargh! its up to

you if you want to trust me or not!" With that he went home

stomping his feet and left Momo crying all alone. Momo was

so heartbroken she almost killed herself that night. Since that

day, Momo always cried herself to sleep. Poor Momo... :'[

Few days passed by and Bobo went to meet Momo. but he

pretended as if nothing had happened. As if he was innocent.

Momo was patient and also pretended she was owkay. So,

she just acts as if nothing happened. But at that exact

moment she saw an sms from the Bitch in Bobo's handphone.

It was a LOVE message. Momo didn't want to stress Bobo out

so she just calmly asked Bobo about the Bitch. "She's just a

friend," he said. "Does a girl and guy friends sleep

together?"Momo asked. He just kept quiet. Momo cried right

in front of Bobo and he said, "Nah nah. That's what you always

do. You'll go inside your room and just cry." Momo was totally

shocked and went numb. Momo didnt say anything and just

went into her room leaving Bobo outside. At that moment,

Momo has just lost her HEART. Even after she tried fixing the

pieces of her broken heart, Bobo just trampled her heart all

over. Since then, she will never EVER trust anyone anymore.

Then, Momo went to investigate this Bitch girl. She found out

the bitch was his classmate. So she had a conversation with

her :~
MOMO : Why are you stealing my boyfriend?
BITCH : He's just your bf not your husband yet! hahaha! Your

face so ugly thats why he ran away from you!
MOMO: Fuck you bitch!
BITCH: Youre the bitch! hahaha! You dont have the rights to

curse me coz he's just ur bf.

Next night~~
BITCH : Sorry bout yesterday. Im soo sad. YOu see, i really like

BOBO since i first met him. Im so jelez of you coz u met him

first and became his gf. Im in love with him. Can I still be frens

with him? and of coz wif u?
MOMO : mmm... ok. (just pretending so she cud digg some

answers) Tell me about the pics.
BITCH: hehe.. It was me in that pic. Why? YOure jelez rite?

Well, we didnt do anything anyway. He just went to my house

that's all. Just some school project. (PROJECT MY ASS BITCH)

Owh y shud i tell u all this when Im in love with him too. haha.
*beeeeeeep* no more messages.

So, Momo asked Bobo about the same thing she asked Bitch.

Turns out his answers were quiet the opposite. And she

knew he was lying. He was keeping secrets from her. Momo

certainly knows someone who's lying coz she didnt trust


So, Momo changed completely. Exactly the Yang from the Yin.

She went from introvert to EXTROvert. It made her feel good.

Having a lot of friends. Then, Momo also met another guy. Well

thats gonna be another story so I'll cut it short. After thinking

things through, Momo decided to end her relationship with

Bobo. Bobo couldn't accept that he was DUMPED by Momo.

He was too embarassed by his friends that she dumped him.

So, Bobo wanted to be with her again. He begged and

begged. He even threaten to kill himself. But since Momo has

no HEART anymore she didn't give a damn bout him. Momo

just stared at him blankly. Bobo kept on begging for her day

and day. Until one day Momo got tired of it. "Let go of me. I

Sold My Soul hoping you could set me free," Momo said. "And

i met some other guy so get out of my life." Bobo couldn't

believe it so he threaten to KILL Momo. But Momo wouldn't

believe him. Coz he killed the OLD Momo already. Old Momo

was dead and a NEW Momo was born.

Then, Bobo left her alone for a while. But he still begged for

Momo to take him back. Haha. He kept on sending Momo

HATE messages. But as time flew by, all was forgotten and

Momo was happy with her life now. Im also happy for her. ^_^

Soon, Momo found out that Bobo was taking counselling

because of what happened. Poor thing. That's just life. Live

with it.

Owh well, I guess that's all. I didnt know what happened to

the bitch. Probably out there stealing people's husband. Haha.

Once born as a bitch will always be a bitch.

Owkay~~ THE END.
Hope you enjoy this stupid story.
P/s: Momo is Me.