Wednesday, August 25, 2010 | By: Nur Arthirah Raden
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Hi there!

Im currently drying my wet hair because Im going to rebond my front hair@bangs as what others call it. I used a freaking D-I-Y Wella Hair Straightener cream, which you can buy it at any drug store available over the counter. I've bought it at Guardian, my favourite drugstore. It costs around RM20. Yup, its cheap, affordable and available. Though the quality varies for different hair types. Bad thing about it is that it stinks. Hell its like burning my own eyes. Phew~

Suddenly I remembered my long hair. Huhu how I miss you so much, HAIR! Its so sad that I cut my hair because I was going crazy. Fuck You! Owh well, life's just bullshit. Damn. Shit. Haha. I love cursing.
Man Im so bored of waiting my hair dry. Fuuufuuu... Dry hair dry~ 6 more minutes and its done. Im so bored alone. I think I could die of boredom! Que!! Why did you leave me alone here... Ngeee... Come back home...
mmm...I was thinking of cutting my bangs short. O.o I wonder how I'll look. Bet its fucking ugly.
Owh well... We'll just have to wait for the results! Wish me luck wif my HAIR!

Bubye for now cause Que is back home~~!!
And we're going to IP to buy food for Sungkai~~


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