Saturday, May 15, 2010 | By: Nur Arthirah Raden

For You To Notice

Everything in me is a mess,
Turning into tears on my face.
I couldn't contain the sadness well,
You looked away as i fell...

You hold me like you need me,
But it was lust that you feel.
It was love before then,
Now its just sex and pure sins...

I longed to be hold and loved,
Cherished and cared like a dove,
I longed to love and give,
bring light to u so we may live....

But you broke my heart and dreams,
Shattered hopes and lonely dreams,
These walls around my heart that you built,
Now its broken but you feel no guilt...

I hold you close tenderly,
Looking into your eyes lovingly,
I faked a smile and hide my feelings,
Hoping you wont notice inside I'm crying...

Again and again my heart is a mess,
Couldn't stop myself feeling so distress,
Even if you try so hard to mend it,
Its hopeless, even doctors couldn't help it...


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