Friday, May 28, 2010 | By: Nur Arthirah Raden

Hear you me

Right in the middle of a forest,
Lay down on a bed of roses,
Feel the night engulfing your heart,
Mind and body till you cant tell them apart.

Open your eyes and share the amazement,
Glittering stars and the moon's crescent,
Hear the voices of the forest and night,
It sings and whispers the awaiting delight.

Hear you me my friend,
Just give me your pretty hand,
And I'll bring you to this world,
Full of jewels, diamonds and pearls.

Let it go and soar up high,
Spread your wings and learn to fly,
Forget those pasts that hurt you,
For I am here for you.

I welcome you with arms wide open,
To my world, my sanctuary, my haven,
Filled with love, empathy, and joy,
Away from hate, evil, and ploy.

I heart you my beloved friends.

I shall always be there for you.


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