Friday, December 17, 2010 | By: Nur Arthirah Raden

Night Out Around KK!

Woot woot~
2 days ago,it started with the pretty damn boring usual day routine(going to class early morning, when i say early i mean early *wink* i have to wake up at 6am). SHIT. Haha. After only 2 hours long of my lecturer's drama up front( I keep on wondering what the hell she's talking about =.='). Then went straight home and SLEEP. ZZzzZZzzZZzz...
2.30pm went to class with car. UNFORTUNATELY, masih termamai2 lgi x nampak keta di belakang then terlanggar. O.O SHIT man. Good thing is the car i bumped into got only a few tiny scratch while MY car was horrible... Shh... And i just ran after that. Hahahaa...

6.o0 pm went back to DonggOngon (my hometown). I had dinner at the 'Popular' Food court in MegaLong, Donggongon.

And this is me~
I went there wif my friend since high school, Mag~
I ate Chicken porridge! Honestly, Im on a low-carb diet. I havent eaten rice for a month dy and that nite I ate porridge. Haha... So much for dieting.

Then, we went to Karamunsing Capital to play pool for hours long. Ehe... (Im addicted to pool, but Im still a freaking beginner).
During midnight, we went to watch the nightsky scenery at Waterfront Wisma Merdeka(the one with that giant swordfish roundabout). Too bad it was so dark and I cudnt take a picture of it. It was brilliant! Beautiful! I cant explain it in words.
A full moon accompanied with millions of shining stars, the breeze of the night air, the quietness(well except for the people around there singing more like melalak tgh2 mlm), it was wonderful. Im glad I was there.
An hour after that, we went to Tanjung Aru Beach! All of sudden my friend wanted to eat corn! Hahahaha. Now I tell you, the scenery was very amazing too! I can see the moonlight shining brightly after the people closed the lights. LOL. Though it was extremely dark.

Yep2. It was nice. Hanging out with real friends in the middle of the night at the beach, eating corns (forgot to buy those steamed peanuts). Once we're so damn tired then we went to my house and hang out there. Haha! Didn't sleep the whole night.
I guess that's all for that night! :D


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