Wednesday, December 15, 2010 | By: Nur Arthirah Raden

.Night Photoshoot.

Current mood :: Sleepy and tired.
Current song :: BOTDF - Im a Monster.

First and foremost, I would like to say that Im proud to be a Wasaber~~!
Im a very junior wasaber and was invited by Ms. Aen~~
And today I went to the Wsb ChatroomBah! and they mention about Nasi Mbak!
Never heard of it really. I was planning to go try it tonight but I dont even know the restaurant. I end up eating 2 piece of chicken wings(sayap ayam bakar). Wahaha... Ada ayam jua kan...

:: After dinner? ::
Tonight's such a beautiful evening, and very boring. So, I decided to paint
Que's face with makeup and shoot her(literally).
I played with her makeups. (It's a lot... O.O)

And here's her photos that I've taken. Since it's night, and we're on curfew, we can't go out so we just took pictures inside our apartment.

Tadaa! This is my best friend here. She's Que Machimellow!
Add her in facebook and follow her cute blog.

Roger and OUT!


Fane Davis said...

perfect look for Christmas eve!

XelaXempathyX said...

ehe... ^_^

~NieZa~ said...

i like!!

XelaXempathyX said...

thanks! :D sepa2 yg free tu sound2 jak sy... jadik model sya k... :D

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